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12:00 PM , Royal Festival Hall , LONDON

FUNharmonics family concert

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

‘Suddenly the great doors of the Council Chamber were thrown open. In strode the oddest looking man anyone had ever seen … And around his neck, on a fine grey cord, there hung a silver flute.’

How will the Piper rid Hamelin of its filthy rats? And what will happen when the town’s greedy mayor breaks his promise? Following its premiere in 2015, this season the LPO revives The Pied Piper of Hamelin, a bewitching musical presentation of Michael Morpurgo’s book of the classic story, composed by Colin Matthews. With Emma Chichester-Clark’s vivid illustrations projected onto screen, this dark and magical story offers a perfect opportunity for older children to expand their orchestral horizons.

Please note that this hour-long concert contains a single piece of music presented without a break, and is suitable for children aged seven and above.

Ticket prices

  • £8
  • £24

Additional Information

Free foyer activities take place before every FUNharmonics concert, including opportunities for children aged six and above to 'have a go' at a range of orchestral instruments.

FUNharmonics foyer activities are generously supported by Stentor Music Co. LtdJupiter and Bell Music