2020 Vision

Stop us if we've said this before, but our century is already two decades old, and it’s not getting any younger. Beethoven never looked backwards, and as the musical world celebrates his 250th birthday, we’ve been letting his voice interact with the sounds of the 21st century. Just as the defining masterpieces of Beethoven and his contemporaries punctuated the first two decades of the 19th century, we’ve chosen pieces that represent the 21st – each one separated by exactly two centuries from Beethoven. We call it 2020 Vision, and the results, so far, have been revelatory.

So a piece from 1811 encounters a piece from 2011 as Beethoven meets Nielsen and Julian Anderson. Schubert’s symphonies take up where Beethoven leaves off, and find themselves in conversation with music by Penderecki, Magnus Lindberg and Jonathan Dove. Between them comes the generation of 1900–1920: the composers of the fin de siècle who witnessed a century remade in war.

2020 Vision offers a fresh perspective on familiar classics, alongside music we should never have forgotten and the pieces that everyone today needs to hear. Let’s hear what they have to say to one another – and to us.

Concerts will be available to watch for free on Marquee TV for 7 days following the dates shown below.