FUNharmonics Appeal

Young person playing trombone

Help us create moments of wonder

At the London Philharmonic Orchestra we are more than our concert performances; we are greater than the musicians you see. We strive to create wonder in all that we do; sharing our vision with everyone, everywhere, regardless of age, background or income.

FUNharmonics Appeal

Our FUNharmonics family concerts are about inspiring those that attend, inviting experimentation, playfulness and learning.

These performances enable children and family members alike to experience the LPO in full flight; playing familiar, and some unfamiliar, tunes with the goal of making orchestral music accessible to all.

Help us in our mission to make orchestral music accessible to every single person. 
Your support will help us cover the costs of offering these experiences:

* £5 will pay for a pack of clarinet reeds for ‘have a go’ clarinet sessions
* £10 will pay for one large creative pack for a pre-concert art workshop and will include fabrics, papers and other materials for making and decorating props
* £20 will hire one woodwind instrument for a ‘have a go’ session
* £25 will subsidise fi ve tickets for a FUNharmonics Family concert, allowing us to keep ticket prices affordable
* £50 will enable us to hire a harp for ‘have a go’ sessions
* £70 will hire four brass instruments for ‘have a go’ sessions
* £100 will pay for the production of 400 activity sheets
* £250 will pay for the hire of half of the music the Orchestra needs for a concert
* £500 will pay for the hire of all the music the Orchestra needs for a concert

If overfunded on the above any surplus will go towards other costs associated with FUNharmonics, including paying the incredibly talented LPO musicians.