LPO Annual Appeal

You may know the London Philharmonic Orchestra for our UK concerts, our international tours, the residency at Glyndebourne or our education work and music recordings. But behind the work that you do see is a world of work that you don’t…

Here is an insight from our Orchestra Personnel Manager, Andrew Chenery:

My role within the Orchestra is, by its very nature, off-stage and unseen. I’m responsible for scheduling players, managing contracts and personnel systems to ensure that the required complement of musicians is provided for each concert or performance. I’m the person responsible for booking all 139 musicians for Strauss’s Alpine Symphony, just one of our 41 concerts at Royal Festival Hall and the biggest orchestra to perform this season. You may catch a glimpse of me on-stage, just before the musicians enter, checking that everything is in position.

Andrew’s job, along with many others, is vital in getting the Orchestra on-stage, on tour and into recording studios.

This year we are asking you to help enable the nuts and bolts work that goes on in libraries, offices and classrooms, to ensure that repertoire is ready, tickets are sold and future musicians are supported.

Your gift here will support us as we continue our work on the things that you don’t see, to enable all that you do see.


For further information please contact:

Rosie Morden
Individual Giving Manager
Direct line +44 (0)20 7840 4212
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