LPO Grade-1-a-thon

We are excited to announce this summer that we will be running the LPO Grade-1-a-thon! Follow the journey of our players as they take on the challenge of learning a brand-new instrument and raise money to support the Orchestra.

With the help of their teachers, a number of our players will be taking their Grade 1 exam at the end of the summer. From Trumpet players tackling the viola, to Double Bassists getting to grips with the clarinet, the Grade-1-a-thon will see familiar faces from the Orchestra in very new surroundings. 

You can support the Grade-1-a-thon by donating to the Play On Appeal, by sponsoring our players on their Virgin Money Giving pages or taking on the challenge yourself. All of the funds raised through the Grade-1-a-thon will go to our Play On Appeal, helping sustain the Orchestra now and into the future.

Get Involved

You can get involved too and take up your own Grade-1-a-thon challenge! Perhaps you’ve got an instrument lurking in the back of the cupboard or you want to learn something completely new?  Please do join us and if you would like to raise money to help support the LPO by getting your friends and family to sponsor you then even better, we’d be really grateful for you doing so.

To get started, choose an instrument. It needs to be one that you can access easily. Perhaps you are already learning something? Ask your friends and family if they have anything you could borrow (please make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected), or perhaps you already have an instrument that you haven’t played in years. You will also need a teacher to help you with your exam. If you’re borrowing an instrument from a friend why not ask them to help you learn as well?

If you would like to raise money to help support the orchestra, make sure to set up a donation page on Virgin Money Giving and link it to our Grade-1-a-thon Campaign. Share your fundraising page with friends and family, and make sure you let us know how you’re getting on by sharing your progress on social media.

Once you’re ready to take your exam, we recommend you sign up to take your Grade 1 with MTB Exams. Their exams take place online so are completely safe and easy to do. For every exam entry made with MTB as part of the Grade-1-a-thon, they will be donating 25% of the entry fee to the Play On Appeal.

MTB Exams

The LPO are delighted to be working with Music Teachers' Board Exams on the Grade-1-a-thon. MTB offer entirely online exams, complete flexibility of dates and a wide ranging syllabus making music exams about you and your journey with the instrument. For more information about MTB exams, and resources for taking part in the Grade-1-a-thon, make sure to visit the MTB exams website.