Sharing the Wonder

Help us celebrate this 30th year of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Education and Community Programme

Your gift will support us as we invest in the creation of future experiences. Together we can unlock discoveries not only in musical abilities, but also in confidence, creativity and self-belief; helping create stories of change and journeys of progression.

  • £50 will hire a venue for a 30-minute mentor session for an LPO Junior Artist
  • £85 will hire a set of 30 chime bars for Creative Classrooms
  • £120 will pay for a class of 30 children to attend a subsidised BrightSparks concert
  • £300 will pay for 30 teacher resource packs, used prior to attending a BrightSparks concert
  • £500 will pay for 30 teachers to attend a musical INSET training day

If overfunded on any of the listed elements, your donation will go towards other costs associated with the Orchestra’s core activities.