The Rest Is Noise: Audience Reviews

We’ve been asking our audience members to send us their reviews of our performances as part of Southbank Centre’s The Rest Is Noise festival. We’ve had a great response and some brilliantly imaginative reviews which we’ve put together for you to read here. 

Here's what some of our audience members had to say about their recent concert experiences ...

Wednesday 2 October – Britten Centenary Celebrations

‘Pleasure hearing Prince of the Pagodas played with a large orchestra, wonderful cello playing, Mark Padmore superb as usual (would have loved subtitles - why not?). After the brilliance of this concert and Peter Grimes hope we hear more Britten.’ - Peter

‘Very passionate and skillful performance from soloist and orchestra, masterly conducted. A very enjoyable experience.’ - María

Wednesday 23 October – Poulenc and Prokofiev

‘The three works formed a thoughtful programme which was tastefully conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin. Superb performance by the LPO strings and a field day for the woodwinds; solid oboe and bassoon, piccolo and flute duets right on, with heartwarming flute passages. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you.’ - Ólafur

Saturday 26 October – Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 13 (Babi Yar)

‘The LPO conjured up ethereal, chilling voices from the depths of the brass and percussion sections, shrouding the auditorium in a miasma of fear recalling the fear which stalked the land in Soviet Russia.’
- Martyn

‘Before attending, I read the book Babi Yar - a starving child's daily hunt for food while his society is executed... The 13th reflects that painstaking dread and Kuznetsov's fragile plea of hope. A very moving performance!’ - Jon

‘The Orchestra playing Shostakovich's 13th Symphony during both the rehearsal and concert was so full of energy, with magic, and expressing great emotion. Petrenko's strength was perfect. I loved the chimes. Dutilleux's piece was gloriously descriptive of Nature which to me was very moving. Perfect evening.’
- Caroline

‘I came with my daughter who studies piano and my son who is 12 and plays cello. We felt like travelled through the woods in Russia in the first half. In the second half, we experienced the fear of the war, some humour to escape, the beauty of the music. It was a fantastic evening for us.’ - Yuriko

Saturday 2 November – Messiaen’s Des canyons aux étoiles

‘Ecstatically circling stars. That's where we were in the third section of Messiaen's work - not the Festival Hall. Raindrops surrounded us, courtesy of the ram-rod straight percussionist. The LPO's principal horn gurgled and fluttered. The whole was utterly transformative.’ - Grenville

Wednesday 6 November - Sofia Gubaidulina and Arvo Pärt

'A welcome justaposition of seminal works by two great friends produced telling contrasts of timbre an texture, achieving unity in a profound spirituality. Arvo Pärt's hauntingly beautiful tintinnabular pieces emerged naturally from the moving epilogue of Gubaidulina's otherwise highly charged Violin Concerto.' - Anthony

Friday 8 November - The Genius of Film Music (1960-1980)

'A marvellous performance with beautifully executed film music! LPO truly shined in demonstrating the genius of film music. I would definitely recommend this unique experience to anyone interested in film music or music in general for that matter.' - Yves

Friday 29 November - The Genius of Film Music (1980-2000)

'Sounds from the big screen sounded even bigger last night thanks to London Philharmonic Orchestra. Indiana Jones theme tune firmly stuck in my head #myreview' - @jennadurdle

'So thankful to have experienced the phenomenal London Philharmonic Orchestra whisking epic film scores into perfect peaks. With Star Wars to open? Yes. #myreview' - L Silverwood


Saturday 7 December - Julian Anderson, James MacMillan, Marc-Anthony Turnage and Thomas Adès


'The concert on 7 December 2013 was absolutely amazing. I saw Evelyn Glennie at the RFH years ago and thought she was fantastic! She has such energy and precision. The ending was just amazing, with absolute silence in the Hall. It was good to hear some new works, and from the side stalls where I always sit to watch all the instruments being played!' - Margaret

'For me, as a current student of music composition, it was one of the most interesting concerts I have ever attended. I travelled from Bristol to London exclusively to attend the concert and I would be happy to do it again for a similar event. Please keep on with "The Rest Is Noise".' - Daniel


Saturday 14 December - John Adams: El Niño (Nativity Oratorio)

'A wonderful, modern Christmas oratorio! Right from the downbeat, you could hear it was John Adams, yet there was so much variety of sound, timbre, and text that the music always held your attention. And we knew the story! Bravo, El Niño!' - Fraser

'A performance of passion, with an extraordinary blending of voices - Kelley O'Connor stood out. Powerful story telling shocking imagery, women's words of pain and joy. I thought I knew John Adams but this was a revelation.' - Lynne

'John Adams's El Niño work is multi-layered by design, and some of the piece can lack focus - it easily muddies out, so to speak, and Vladimir Jurowski, who is always very precise about interpretation, took great care to balance some of this sonic cloudiness and create more cohesion. For example, he went to the trouble of shifting the soloists back a few years on the stage for a single number just for balance. Just occasionally however, he took movements (especially The Christmas Star) just a little too fast for comfort. A thrilling performance nonetheless.' - Richard


Thank you to everyone who joined us throughout the incredible year that was The Rest Is Noise Festival. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did! 

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