Concert reviews: 30 September 2017

On Saturday 30 September 2017 we were joined by Richard Goode for a performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 and Bruckner's Symphony No. 5, led by LPO Principle Conductor Vladimir Jurowski. Read the reviews here:

★★★★☆ ‘There was clarity and focus to [Vladimir Jurowski’s] interpretation [of the Bruckner], and he guided us round this vast score with an unerring sense of direction, allowing us to hear the muted beauty of the layered strings in the introduction, and the oaky cellos and violas and the woodwind’s forest-animal chattering that followed in the first movement ... Brilliantly judged.’ Rebecca Franks, The Times, 4 October 2017

★★★★☆ ‘The climax of the Adagio more than vindicated Jurowski’s approach, with the cascading waves of string counterpoint performed with spectacular clarity, beautifully balanced against the muscular, and no less precise, brass chords ... [Jurowski] is able to highlight and integrate every crucial detail. Add to that spectacular performances from each section of the orchestra ... and the result is a performance of conviction, power, and compelling insight from start to end.’ Gavin Dixon,, 2 October 2017

‘Most impressive was Jurowski’s handling of the main climax [of the Bruckner], slowing the tempo without detriment to the basic pulse so that the music had the requisite emotional space through to the disarming final bars ... This cohesive and convincing performance reaffirmed the consistency of Jurowski’s approach to Bruckner.’ Richard Whitehouse,, 1 October 2017

★★★☆☆ ‘Jurowski managed to withhold the climax and built up the tension again before unleashing a breathtaking finale, red-faced brass players and raised clarinets and oboes included.’ Elizabeth Schwarz,, 1 October 2017


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