Concert reviews: 19 October 2019

An unforgettable night of power, emotion and craftsmanship. Jurowski and the LPO were joined by Dame Sarah Conolly, Sofia Fomina and the London Philharmonic Choir for Mahler's Symphony No. 2 and Colin Matthews's Metamorphosis.


★★★★☆ ‘There was much to savour in Jurowski’s conducting, both in the way he achieved impressive degrees of transparency in the score and the precise articulation he secured from a supremely confident LPO…’ Alexander Hall, 20 October 2019, Bachtrack

★★★★☆ ‘Jurowski deployed his unique sensitivity to dynamic and speed to squeeze contrast after contrast from the orchestra’

‘The singing in the final movements was perfection. Dame Sarah Connolly gave a matchless performance of ‘Uhrlicht’ whose final ’Leben’ was held in a vice of sweetness and power; the honeyed cogence of Sofia Fomina’s soprano emerged from the choral sound in ‘Auferstehen’ with a subtlety that transitioned rapidly to turbocharge’ Barry Creasy, 22 October 2019, Music OMH

‘The concert was one in a million…All of life was here: the darkness and the dread, the elegant and ironic grace, the sardonic yowls, the deep, rapt spirit of nature, the blinding blaze of redemption.’

‘The orchestra’s journey to the stratospheres has been remarkable to experience.’ Jessica Duchen, 21 October 2019, Jessica Duchen