CONCERT REVIEWS: 27 March 2015

On Friday 27 March there was heightened excitement in the horn community in anticipation of the world premiere of screen composer James Horner's Collage for four horns. It was performed by eminent soloists, Richard Watkins, James Thatcher, David Pyatt and John Ryan - LPO audiences will certainly recognise the latter two as members of the Orchestra. Pulsating horns also featured in Tchaikovsky's Fantasy Overture Romeo and Juliet, and after the interval Scheherazade wove the tales which saved her life in Rimsky-Korsakov's vivid score of the same name. The concert was conducted by for LPO principal flute, Jaime Martín.

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The LPO and Jaime Martín [were] at their respective bests [in Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet], coming together for a thrilling performance … This was a compelling, honed and heart-tugging account that did Tchaikovsky and Shakespeare proud.

The best bits [in Scheherazade], and they were numerous, were impressive, such as the salty, sea-spray strings during the opening … notable contributions from cellist Kristina Blaumane and oboist Ian Hardwick  … beguiling clarinet and flute arabesques ...  Well and truly lodged in the memory is Gareth Newman’s bassoon solo early into the second movement, eloquently and elastically shaped to richly expressive effect.

A splendid maiden voyage though [Horner’s Collage for four horns], the four soloists (two either side of the podium), led-off by David Pyatt, played marvellously, with refulgent tone and collegiate interaction.

Colin Anderson Classical Source 28 March 2015

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