Made in Lithuania
2 audio CDs
© 2020 London Philharmonic Orchestra Ltd.
℗ 2017 BBC.
Recorded live at Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall, London, on 19 May 2017.
Publisher: Anourag Music
Recording producer: Jonathan Manners (BBC)
Post-production and mastering: Mark Rogers
Score posthumously completed by David Murphy. Libretto by Amit Chaudhuri. The production was originally developed and directed for the stage by Suba Das for Curve Leicester, The Royal Opera and London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Total playing time: 88:34
Released: 10 January 2020
Single Released: 6 December 2019


CD: Shankar's Sukanya

LPO conducted by David Murphy

Ravi Shankar Sukanya

Njabulo Madlala Aswini Twin
Michel De Souza Aswini Twin
Susanna Hurrell Princess Sukanya
Keel Watson King Sharyaati
Eleanor Minney Sukanya’s Friend
Alok Kumar Chyavana
M Balachandar mridangam and konnakol
Rajkumar Misra tabla
Parimal Sadaphal sitar
Ashwani Shankar shehnai
Pirashanna Thevarajah ghatam, morsing and konnakol
BBC Singers
David Murphy conductor
London Philharmonic Orchestra 
Vesselin Gellev leader

This live performance is a rare piece of musical history, a recording of the world premiere production of Ravi Shankar's only opera, Sukanya. Based on a tale from the Mahābhārata, and seamlessly blending Indian and European musical traditions, Shankar weaves a love sory which transcends time, bringing to life the elderly sage Chyavana and his young wife, the princess Sukanya. The London Philharmonic Orchestra performs alongside masters of traditional Indian instruments in this extraordinary work which is truly born of two worlds.

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2 Audio CDs

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'It captures very well the evocative colours and soundscape I remember – the balance of the instruments and the fine central performances of Susanna Hurrell as Sukanya and Keel Watson as King with the BBC Singers and the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Murphy. It’s a unique piece, strangely compelling and it captured the imagination of many of the critics who came to see it.' 
BBC Radio 3 Record Review, 11 January 2020

'Arrival of the Aswini Twins in Part II is pure fireworks – and the London Philharmonic Orchestra is striking; an ideal interpreter for the many surprising harmonic turns in the score. Sukanya is exciting and leads the listener with its never-ending vitality into a kaleidoscopic stream of musical colours and energy, and is a fervent plea for a world in which compassion and empathy win over envy and hatred. Sukanya could not have come at a better time.'
Reporters Online, Netherlands, February 2020.