Rachmaninoff remixed: one composer's enduring influence

Throughout the Rachmaninoff: Inside Out festival we’ve been exploring Rachmaninoff’s extensive influence as a composer. Although confessing to feeling ‘like a ghost wandering in a world grown alien’ in his own time, Rachmaninoff’s deeply passionate and virtuosic music has become the stuff of legend, and has captivated audiences for over a century. Today Rachmaninoff’s music lives on in the concert hall and has gone on to inspire countless film makers, songwriters and even astronauts ...

Have a look at our animated video below to find out where you might have heard his music before, or have a listen to our eclectic Spotify playlist of songs that are inspired in whole or in part by the work of Rachmaninoff, ranging from George Cobb’s Russian Rag of 1918 to John Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts of 2014, via a whole lot of hip hop and power-ballads on the way. 

 *please note, some of these songs contain strong language


 ‘Rachmaninoff has some kind of weird dark edge to his music which I don’t think I’ve heard with any other kind of music before.’ - Matt Bellamy, Muse

‘It occurred to me while I was making Pale Green Ghosts that it would fit right on top of that ... I love that piece of music so much; it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.’ – John Grant on Rachmaninoff’s famous Prelude in C sharp minor.

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