Do you remember the first time you saw an orchestra live? Read Katalin Varnagy’s Story

Every year the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s schools’ concerts allow over 16,000 young people to see the Orchestra live. Six out of ten children attending the concerts will be experiencing an Orchestra for the very first time. Across February our musicians will be sharing their first experiences of seeing a live orchestra. Here is our First Violinist Katalin Varnagy’s story ...

'I started to play the violin at the age of 5. Both my parents were musicians: my father a violinist, teacher and leader of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra, and my mother a pianist. It was her idea to start me off on the violin, thinking practically that there are more jobs for violinists than for pianists, and just in case I'd make it one day, I could play on my father's instrument. She was right, and despite my initial resistance (I burst into tears when she suggested I should play the violin!) I did make it, and today in the LPO I am indeed playing on my father's instrument and carrying on his legacy.

The first time I saw a symphony orchestra live was when I was 10 and I saw my father leading the Szeged Symphony Orchestra. They played Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4. I remember thinking that it had to be the best thing ever to be a part of such a big group and play such exciting music.

I was lucky enough to be born into a musical family, but many children do not get to experience orchestral music at an early age like I did. Music should be for everyone, not just those who are lucky – give £9 today to help young south Londoners hear a live orchestra.'

- Katalin Varnagy, First Violin

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