Do you remember the first time you saw an orchestra live? Read Greg Walmsley’s Story

Every year the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s schools’ concerts allow over 16,000 young people to see the Orchestra live. Six out of ten children attending the concerts will be experiencing an Orchestra for the very first time. Across February our musicians will be sharing their first experiences of seeing a live orchestra. Here is our cellist Greg Walmsley’s story ...

‘I began playing the cello when I was nine. I really loved the sound of the orchestra and I remember I used to play my Dad’s record of Dvořák Symphony No. 8 all the time. I played the Scherzo over and over so many times that I almost wore it out!

The first orchestral concert I went to see was the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Georg Solti when I was 10. The LPO performed with the virtuosic violinist Kyung-wha Chung. I will always remember the way she moved and how passionate her solo was. It really inspired me to practice harder at my cello.

Little did I imagine when I was watching my first orchestral concert I would be a member of the LPO one day! Who knows, your £9 donation to Tickets Please! might inspire an LPO member of the future.’

- Greg Walmsley, Cello

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