Do you remember the first time you saw an orchestra live? Read Anne McAneney’s Story

Every year the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s schools’ concerts allow over 16,000 young people to see the Orchestra live. Six out of ten children attending the concerts will be experiencing an Orchestra for the very first time. Across February our musicians will be sharing their first experiences of seeing a live orchestra. Here is our Trumpeter Anne McAneney’s story ...

'I was born and brought up in Belfast and it was there that I was introduced to the wonderful world of music. My parents had never had the opportunity to learn an instrument and so felt that it would be a good idea to send me to piano lessons when I was eight years old.

At first this was solitary music making but after a few years I began playing the cornet and joined a brass band. For a few years the band was my only experience of group music making but after a visit to the Ulster Hall in Belfast where I saw the Ulster Orchestra perform, I fell in love with the sound of an orchestra and swapped my cornet for a trumpet.

I was completely knocked out by the exciting sound produced by the full orchestra, how loudly and quietly they could play and the contrasting colours produced from the different sections: strings, wind, brass and percussion. Listening to recordings is great but there is nothing quite like the experience of watching 80 people suddenly play together when the conductor gives a down beat. Music played by an orchestra can make you feel lots of different emotions and even now (some forty years later) I still get goose pimples when we are performing.

Please help us fill our concert hall. Your donation of £9 to Ticket Please! can inspire today’s children in the same way the LPO still inspires me. Please give generously.'

- Anne McAneney, Trumpet

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