Sibelius's symphonies introduction by Osmo Vänskä

Osmo Vänskä introduces Sibelius's seven symphonies before our Sibelius Symphony Cycle later in October. Find out about Sibelius's personal journey and how it is reflected in this awe-inspiring music.

From the youthful confidence of Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2, to the uncertainty and dispair of his Fourth Symphony, Sibelius's symphonies reflected the composer's life and times. Through the full cycle of his symphonies, the audience goes with him on this journey, ending with a sense of acceptance, the Seventh Symphony's trombone solo thought by Sibelius to be played 'as if to the face of God.'

Watch Sibelius expert Osmo Vänskä chart this journey in the video below.

Sibelius's Symphonies

Osmo Vänskä introduces Sibelius's symphonies

The London Philharmonic Orchestra performs a Sibelius Symphony Cycle at Royal Festival Hall 19–28 October. Find out about the series and book tickets here.

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