Meet the runners: Susanne Martens

Read up on the training progress of LPO viola player, Susanne Martens, who is running alongside Team LPO in the Vitality British 10K London Run on Sunday 10 July, in aid of our Brightsparks schools concerts.



To find out more about the run and to donate, visit Team LPO's Virgin Money Giving page.


Why are you taking part in the 10K?

I decided to join in with the others because it sounded like fun to run as a LPO group, team work on a different level. Originally I thought I could do the 10k with my dog but it turns out too complicated, also he isn't a dog for long runs. However I got hooked and kept training with help of the app FROM COUCH TO 5K which I only can recommend for anyone who isn't a natural sport geek like me. Gives you the right start and motivation in moments when you might hear the inner voice saying 'lets miss this one out and stay in'..

Another reason to take part in the 10k race was to raise money for the LPO education department, so more kids get a chance to come and hear us in Festival Hall or we go to their schools and work with them. Very important experience for kids and it easily gets neglected in the whole system.

Have you had any experience of working on any of the LPO’s education programmes?

I occasionally go into schools myself and it's very rewarding to see how quickly kids get hooked. Also very nice when you are able to see their development when you meet them again after a while.

How experienced a runner are you?

I am not naturally a runner, not at all. Many times I tried to like it but usually failed. This time it's different - I was motivated to keep going because it's team work and I started to like it!

Do you find that running has any particular advantages for you as a musician?

I noticed a huge benefit for my general wellbeing. Not only can you get rid of cobwebs, or run off steam (after work for example if you need to), I also noticed less doubts in my own playing. Suddenly you have a certain easiness whilst playing, not only physically but mentally. It allows you to risk more because you believe more in yourself.

Do you have any tips for people who are considering taking up running?

Of course there is a huge sense of achievement once you have managed your first 3k, 5k and so on. That really is a motivation to try even harder! Amazing feeling which I only experienced with boxing before, but that was difficult on my wrists and arms. So in that way running is perfect!


Team LPO is taking part in the Vitality British 10K London Run on Sunday 10 July. To support the team, or find out more, visit their Virgin Money Giving page.