Meet the runners: Emmanuella Reiter

Find out what made LPO violist Emmanuella Reiter sign up to join ‘Team LPO’ in the Vitality Series British 10K Run on Sunday 10 July, and see if she has any tips for running novices.

 To find out more about the run and to donate, visit Team LPO's Virgin Money Giving page.


10K banner 2

Why are you taking part in the 10K?

Emmanuella (pictured third from right): I started running again a few months ago after a long break. I'm the kind of person who needs goals to be motivated, so this was a good excuse to get me going. I even signed up to do one in May so that I would be more ready for this one!

Have you had any experience of working on any of the LPO’s education programmes?

Yes I have. Recently I have done some of the schools and family concerts; they are always so interesting and well designed. Before having my daughter, I was going into schools and doing workshops for kids. I used to love doing that because seeing the reaction of children to music is always inspiring.

How experienced a runner are you?

Can't say I'm experienced! I go in fazes; I’m usually much more motivated in spring/summer than in the winter!

Do you find that running has any particular advantages for you as a musician?

Yes, we need to release energy! Our work is so intellectual and also static in the sense that we have to sit for hours and hours a day. So running gets my blood flowing and that's good!

Do you have any tips for people who are considering taking up running?

When I started running, I could only do around 2 minutes before needing to stop. It's all about increasing your workouts slowly but also acknowledging that some days you might feel better than others and being kind to yourself. I used to laugh at people who said I should aim for a 10k race, and now here I am doing it! When I did my first 10k race 6 years ago, I thought I had designed a 1km route so I was training to do that 10 times. A couple of years later when GPS was installed in my phone I realised it was actually 1.8km so I was close to a half marathon and didn't even know it! 

Another thing that helps me is having a good playlist: music with a beat that will shut down your ‘I can't do it’ voice. Oh - and the last but most important thing is having good equipment. Good shoes and a good bra are essential! 


Team LPO is taking part in the Vitality British 10K London Run on Sunday 10 July. To support the team, or to find out more, visit their Virgin Money Giving page.