LPO Soundworks Diaries: 9 April 2016

On Saturday 9 April, young musicians and young dancers from Rambert's Quicksilver came together for their performance of Walking Shadows – a culmination of a four day intensive project composing, choreographing and rehearsing for a collaborative piece inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. After their performance, we caught up with a couple of the young musicians and dancers to hear their thoughts on the week, and to find out their favourite moments.


Hannah – Clarinet, Soundworks music ensemble

How did the performance go?

H: I think it went really well, I really enjoyed it.

What was your favourite theme in the piece?

H: My favourite theme was the last one, the death theme.

9 April 11

Lauren – dancer, Quicksilver

How have you enjoyed this week?

L: It’s been a completely different process. Normally you just learn the choreography but we’ve had to learn the music as well. It’s been a new experience.

9 April 8

What was it like to work with the young musicians?

L: I enjoyed it, but it was really difficult!

What was your favourite part of the week?

L: When I was doing it, it was really tiring but looking back it was all really good and I think the performance was the best bit.

9 April 6

What was your favourite theme in the performance?

L: The Lady Macbeth theme because I really like the music – I would listen to that, it was really good!

9 April 5

Gabriel - Piano, Soundworks music ensemble

How do you think it went?

G: I think I did decently and I only messed up once or twice! On the whole it was really good and sounded really good together.

9 April 9

What was your favourite part of this week?

G: When all the dancing and sounds came together.

What was your favourite theme in the performance?

G: The Lady Macbeth theme.

9 April 4

9 April 3

9 April 7

9 April dancers



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