LPO Soundworks Diaries: 8 April 2016 - Meet Laura

This week young musicians in our LPO Soundworks project have been working with young dancers from Quicksilver, Rambert’s youth dance company, to create a collaborative piece based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Ahead of their performance on Saturday 9 April, we caught up with the choreographer of the piece, Laura Harvey, to find out how the dance aspect of the work is coming together, and what she hopes the dancers can take away from the experience.



Laura Harvey

L: My name is Laura Harvey and I am the artistic director of Quicksilver which is Rambert’s youth dance company. We have had a youth company here at Rambert for about 8 years now. One of the great things about the youth company is that dancers get the opportunity to do projects like this with LPO Soundworks because working with musicians is a real luxury. 

8 April 2

How are you coming up with the dance material for this project?

L: Part of what we do here at Rambert is encouraging the dancers to be part of the choreographic process. I tend to do a lot of the choreography on the dancers, but there are times like yesterday when I gave the dancers a task to create choreography and from there I refine their movement to get the final section of choreography. In that sense, they have quite a lot of ownership and I think that’s quite important in a process when it’s just 3 days.

8 April 3

What are the main challenges for the dancers?

L: The music and choreography combined. We’re asking the dancers to learn new choreography and learn the music that goes with the choreography. They have a double role to play and I think in a short period of time that’s difficult. The challenge for me is that I don’t know the music either so that’s the challenge of these projects within the time frame that we have.

8 April 4

What would you like the dancers to take away from this experience?

L: I think the main thing I’d like the dancers to take away from the experience is the joy of working with live musicians. It’s very much a two way relationship and we’re a collective as a company. It’s a lesson if they’re going to join dance companies in future because you’re often working with an orchestra, and the process leading up to the performance in what is really a big dynamic space is also a challenge. But having the opportunity to work with the live musicians is the thing I would like them to take away the most.

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Don’t miss our LPO Soundworks performance with Rambert’s young dancers from Quicksilver at 6.00pm on Saturday 9 April at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall.

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Soundworks is generously supported by the D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust.