LPO gets a mention in Tim Winton’s latest book!

Imagine our excitement when we found out that the award-winning author Tim Winton had given us a little mention in his latest book!

Tim Winton is one of Australia’s best-selling and most highly acclaimed writers, and often knits musical themes into the lives of his characters, whose stories unfold amidst evocative depictions of Australian landscapes.

We love this quote from his latest offering, Eyrie:

‘Keely got up, flailed about for the dinky ipod, and shoved the buds in his ears. He tried a bit of Delius to calm himself, but quickly discovered that the first cuckoo in spring was no match for the nutjob next door. Yelping and barking through the wall, she was more cuckoo than anything the London Philharmonic could come up with.’ - Tim Winton, Eyrie