Geoffrey Lynn

Congratulations Geoff! We wish you all the best for the future.

Geoffrey Lynn retired in August 2019 after Geoffrey Lynn retired in August 2019 after a record-breaking 45 years as a member of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s First Violin section. Born in Stirling, Geoff started playing the violin at an early age. Initially he had aspirations to be a psychiatrist, but after two years at medical school in Edinburgh he missed music so much that he abandoned his ambition to be the next Sigmund Freud and instead enrolled at the Royal College of Music.Whilst studying there with Frances Mason, he won the top violin prize. After successfully auditioning for the LPO in 1974, at the age of 24 he became the youngest member of the Orchestra.Geoff was always a pleasure to sit next to,a wonderful musician who could sight-read anything. He never lost his passion for playing the ‘fiddle’ – in nearly every coffee break he would find a corner in which to practise. But it is his human qualities that the ‘Firsts’ will most miss. We all remember our first shy day in thejob, but Geoff went out of his way to make us feel immediately welcome. Eventually, after getting used to his charming Scottish lilt, we would rely on his humour to get through many a demanding rehearsal. He has a rare ability to keep conductors on their toes by discovering mistakes in orchestral parts. Geoff has also taken a very active role in the LPO’s education activities: teaching is a passion for him, and he is looking forward to having more time to concentrate on encouraging the next generation of violinists. Geoff, thank you for being such a great colleague and Mensch.

Thomas Eisner, LPO First Violin