Debut Sounds: Meet our soloists - Vesselin Gellev

Get to know LPO violinist and sub-leader Vesselin Gellev, who will be the soloist in the world premiere of LPO Young Composer Robert Peate's Violin Concerto at Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July.




How has it been to work with the Young Composers?

Vesselin: So far the experience has been great - I think most of the interpretative work is still ahead of us during the upcoming rehearsals, but Robert's piece already arrived in such a highly polished condition that I barely had any comments to make.

What’s the most exciting/nerve-wracking thing about being the soloist in a world premiere performance?

It is an incredible privilege to perform the world premiere of a violin concerto! And of course, being the first person to perform a piece carries many responsibilities - I hope I will do justice to the piece, and hopefully will inspire other violinists to have a go at it! It is really exciting, challenging and gratifying work.

What has Magnus Lindberg been like to work with as a conductor?

Magnus has been great throughout this process - he creates a really intimate and friendly atmosphere during the rehearsals, and makes sure all the details of the compositions are clearly and convincingly presented.

Is there anything you’d say to someone who might be new to contemporary classical music and perhaps considering giving it a try on 4 July?

Well, I think it doesn't get more exciting than being in the audience for the world premieres of not one, but five different concertos, written by the leading composers of their generation and performed by the members of the LPO alongside the incredibly talented Foyle Future First players. One not to miss!


You can hear Vesselin perform in Robert Peate’s Violin Concerto at Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit our event page.