Debut Sounds: Meet our soloists - Elisabeth Wiklander

Meet LPO cellist Elisabeth Wiklander, who will be the soloist in the world premiere of LPO Young Composer Hunter Coblentz’s Cello and Orchestra at Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July.




How has it been to work with the Young Composers?

Elisabeth: It is inspiring to work with young composers and be part of the creating process. I think it is beneficial for everyone when musicians and composers interact, influence each other and take part in each other's ideas because we are in a symbiosis. We, the musicians, need their music and they need us for it to come to life. Debut Sounds is a splendid example of this collaboration.

What’s the most exciting/nerve-wracking thing about being the soloist in a world premiere performance?

A world premiere is exciting because no one has heard the piece before. No one knows what to expect; it's new to everybody on all sides and we're experiencing it together. It is also very exciting to be the first performer; you are an important part of the birth of a new musical piece. I guess it can be nerve-wracking not knowing how the piece is going to be perceived by audience and critics. Hopefully one doesn't write music for the single purpose of pleasing an audience but nevertheless, it is nice to get appreciation for the work you've done and to be understood in what you're trying say.

What has Magnus Lindberg been like to work with as a conductor?

Magnus has an inexhaustible radiation of positive energy and is a joy to work with. He's very inspiring in the way he combines excellence with humility. Additionally, when considering the Young Composers, he steers his pupils gently in the right direction with his impressive knowledge without diminishing any of their visions or ideas.

Is there anything you’d say to someone who might be new to contemporary classical music and perhaps considering giving it a try on 4 July?

Be curious! If you're new to contemporary classical music I recommend coming to the concert with an as open mind and open heart as possible. The sounds and musical landscapes: do they make you feel anything? If so, what? What are these young people trying to communicate? I find new music very interesting, it reflects what's current and it is highly diverse in sound and expression. There's a lot to discover.


You can hear Elisabeth perform Hunter Coblentz’s Cello & Orchestra at Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit our event page.