Debut Sounds: Introducing Young Composer Michael Cryne

Ahead of this year’s Debut Sounds performance on Monday 4 July, we caught up Young Composer Michael Cryne to find out a bit about him and his latest composition, which will be performed in its first live performance by members of the LPO and musicians from the Foyle Future Firsts Development Programme.


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What was it like to hear your piece with live musicians for the first time?

Michael (pictured second from left): It's always a combination of nerve-wracking, and exciting. You're never quite sure the sound you've imagined is what will actually happen - it's always gratifying when it does.

Tell us about your piece.

Michael: It's a concertino for trombone and chamber orchestra - it's quite a dramatic piece. The title refers to the ancient Greek tragedy by Aeschylus - Prometheus (a titan) who defied the gods and is now subject to eternal punishment. I often use dramatic structures, natural forces or events to help me inform the shape and structure of a piece.

Is there anything in particular you’d like the audience to feel or think when they hear your piece?

Michael: As always with a piece of mine, I just hope it's clear, and the musical trajectory is satisfying.

What are you most excited about the premiere performance?

Michael: I've never written a concerto before; it's a new form for me. The trombone doesn't have the long legacy of concerti like, say, the cello or violin, so there's a sense of treading a slightly less-worn path. 

What advice would you give to any young aspiring composers?

Michael: There are tonnes of pathways, schemes and opportunities available these days - apply for everything and don't get discouraged if you aren't successful initially. Listen to as much as possible, study scores as much as possible, and work as much with (good) musicians as possible - you can learn so much from working with great players.


You can hear Michael’s composition, Prometheus Bound, at our Debut Sounds performance on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit our event page.

Find out more about Michael from our interview with him from our LPO Soundworks education workshops back in April.