Debut Sounds: Introducing Young Composer Katarzyna Krzewińska

On Monday 4 July, the LPO Young Composers will be premiering five new pieces, written specially for a member of the LPO to perform as soloist, alongside members of the LPO and its Foyle Future First Development Programme. Ahead of this performance, we caught up with Young Composer Katarzyna (Kasia) Krzewińska to find out more about her piece, and what she’s most excited for Debut Sounds: Dérive.



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What was it like to hear your piece with live musicians for the first time?

Kasia (pictured second from right): First rehearsals with an orchestra always mean very strong emotions; you are excited and nervous at the same time because you can finally hear ideas you've been thinking about for so long. But above all, it's a huge lesson for a composer. During the first run-through, we had an opportunity to really hear the interaction between instruments and compare it with our imagination. It's great that we had a chance to try our ideas out loud and then to make changes. Sometimes you think things are going to sound good, but later on it turns out that something is not well balanced, or there is some other thing you don't like about the construction of a piece. Working with musicians and a conductor is also a chance to learn from them – there are always many aspects they open your eyes to.

Tell us about your piece: is there anything in particular you’d like the audience to feel or think when they hear your piece?

Kasia: What I was always interested in during composing was constructing tensions and reliefs, which let me explore musical expression and its material energy over the piece. I wanted to highlight this in my piece – especially when percussion became my solo instrument. Showing different timbres of instruments and finding a way to put them together was also an element I focused on during composing. This piece is about how a solo instrument can change over different stages of composition; the whole process of change is something I am interested in.

What are you most excited about the premiere performance?

Kasia: Sharing musical ideas and emotions with others throughout the performance is something very exciting and special. Performance is a final stage of composing and it's a chance to make a connection between composer, musicians and people coming to listen to the concert. In a way, live performances are always more touching than listening to audio recordings, but they are also more challenging. I am looking forward to meeting up with musicians and the conductor who were present during the whole project. I am also very much looking forward to hearing other pieces.

Could you sum up why people should come to this performance?

Kasia: I think contemporary music can give us emotions that are sometimes hardly achievable in “classical” music from other centuries. Music is a part of our everyday life and modern music might be more accurate to express some feelings, it can move us in a special way. This concert is also a chance to hear great musicians and pieces of different composers – showing completely different approaches to composing music.


You can hear Kasia's composition, beneath the surface, at our Debut Sounds performance on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit our event page.