Debut Sounds: Introducing Foyle Future Firsts Marie Schreer and Gareth Humphreys

Join us on Monday 4 July, as the London Philharmonic Orchestra joins Royal College of Music for a celebration of new music at Debut Sounds: Dérive.  Ahead of the performance, catch up with Foyle Future Firsts musicians Marie and Gareth to find out a bit about them and their thoughts on working with a professional orchestra.



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How long have you played your instrument for?

Gareth (pictured far right): I’m Gareth, and I’ve played the bassoon for 12 years.

Marie (pictured centre): My name is Marie and I have played the violin for 23 years.

Have you always wanted to become a professional musician?

Marie: Yes, although there were times when I wanted to become an archaeologist or an astronaut.

Gareth: No, I have thought a lot about a lot of other professions, and was close to doing a degree in Welsh before I chose to pursue music. I have made the right choice!

What made you apply for Foyle Future Firsts?

Gareth: I really wanted to further my career in orchestral playing and the scheme is perfect for personal development!

Marie: It looked like a great scheme and I wanted to get to know the orchestra.

What is the most exciting/challenging thing about the Debut Sounds performance?

Marie: Switching mind and mood between those very different and varying pieces.

Gareth: Some of the composers have written a lot of notes!

How does playing pieces composed by your peers, such as the LPO Young Composers, compare to playing well-known repertoire? Does this help with your development as an orchestral musician?

Gareth: It's helpful because often when you turn up to play in orchestras you can find really new music on the stands, and so it's the most useful training, to be reading all types of music.

Marie: Having always been quite fond of contemporary music and working with composers, I feel quite in my element with this project. It's a nice feeling to know that we, players and composers, have all spent a year learning and training within the environment of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and now, after not having seen much of each other, can conclude this time together with this final project.

What is it like to work with Magnus Lindberg?

Gareth: He's great, it's amazing how he seems to pick up the scores to the pieces and just instinctively knows how to conduct them (even in the most complex time signatures!)

How has Foyle Future Firsts helped your development as a musician?

Marie: The scheme has helped me take a closer look at the atmosphere in a London orchestra and how they work and tackle a very busy schedule. I got to know a lot of repertoire through the scheme and it improved my reception to different ways of working and playing.

Gareth: It's helped me immensely. The opportunities that the Orchestra has given me have really furthered me as an orchestral musician and I look to further this progress in the future.


You can see Marie and Gareth perform in our Debut Sounds concert on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit the events page.