Debut Sounds: Introducing Foyle Future First Jane Lindsay

Ahead of Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July, get to know cellist Jane to find out her thoughts on the LPO’s Foyle Future Firsts Development Programme, and hear what she’s most excited about for this year’s Debut Sounds performance.



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How long have you played your instrument for?

Jane (pictured second from left): I have played the cello since I was 9 years old.

Have you always wanted to become a professional musician?

I didn't know initially I would become a professional musician but knew instantly that I loved it.

What made you apply for Foyle Future Firsts?

I applied for Foyle Future Firsts as I wanted to gain more experience in orchestral playing before entering my professional career. I also really like that we receive one-to-one lessons with members of the Orchestra.

What is the most exciting/challenging thing about the Debut Sounds performance?

Debut Sounds is good for me because it is giving me more experience playing contemporary repertoire and exploring extended techniques which many of the young composers have used in their pieces.

How has Foyle Future Firsts helped your development as a musician?

Foyle Future Firsts has given me more confidence in professional orchestral settings. In the future I hope to have a varied career, incorporating chamber music, solo performance and orchestral playing.


You can see Jane perform in our Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit the event page.