Debut Sounds: Introducing Foyle Future First Anne Denholm

Catch up with LPO Foyle Future First harpist Anne, ahead of Debut Sounds: Dérive on Monday 4 July, where she will be performing in five world premieres by this year’s LPO Young Composers.



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How long have you played your instrument for?

Anne (fourth from left): I've been playing the harp for 16 years!

Have you always wanted to become a professional musician?

Anne: I loved lots of different subjects at school and only started to think in earnest about a possible career in music when I was around thirteen years old. From then on it was my aim, and I couldn't really imagine doing anything else!

What made you apply for Foyle Future Firsts?

Anne: I love orchestral playing and the scheme was the next stage of development that I could apply for in that field. I had friends who had been on the scheme in past years and had really benefitted from it, and I knew it would be a great opportunity!

What is it like to work with Magnus Lindberg?

Anne: Magnus Lindberg is calm, clear and very efficient, and so he is great to work with!

What is the most exciting/challenging thing about the Debut Sounds performance?

Anne: I would say the aspect that is both most exciting and challenging is being immersed into professional environments - either in the orchestral rehearsal 'sit-ins' or during the education and community programs. It gives a real insight into what it is like day to day as a member of the orchestra!

How does playing pieces composed by your peers, such as the LPO Young Composers, compare to playing well-known repertoire? Does this help with your development as an orchestral musician?

Anne: The main difference is that you can't get familiar with the material as a whole before going to rehearse it for the first time - you can't just turn on Spotify and learn how you'll fit in with everyone else, and what the overall effect is like. Because of that it's great training for orchestral skills as you have to suss it all out on the spot, stick to your convictions and trust yourself!

How has Foyle Future Firsts helped your development as a musician and what are your future plans?

Anne: On the scheme I have benefitted from formative experiences in orchestral playing, audition training, one to one lessons and education and community programs. It has enhanced my skills in all these areas! I hope to build a varied performing and teaching career in which orchestral work is a cornerstone.


You can see Anne perform in our Debut Sounds concert on Monday 4 July. To find out more about the performance, make sure to visit the events page.