Community guidelines

We want our online communities to be places where everyone can discuss matters related to the London Philharmonic Orchestra and our music-making. In order to do this we have some brief guidelines which we ask you to abide by when posting and commenting online.

If you act with consideration for others and remain pleasant, you are unlikely to have any problems.


Facebook has its own content standards which we respect, and we expect comments by visitors to do the same.

Facebook does not allow:

  • threats to harm others;
  • bullying or harassment;
  • hate speech (singling out individuals based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, disability or disease).

London Philharmonic Orchestra guidelines

We encourage open, lively conversation about music and the Orchestra, and have a few guidelines we ask you to follow when interacting with us online.
Keep the conversation relevant
Respect other people's views and beliefs, even if you disagree with them
Remember that only your words travel online - humour and sarcasm, for example, don't always come across on screen.
Avoid personal attacks, trolling or mindless abuse. We do not tolerate any form of personal attacks that could be interpreted as hate speech
Please don't spam


If we feel that your contribution to a London Philharmonic Orchestra online space ignores these community guidelines, we reserve the right to remove it to keep the space inclusive and safe.
We also reserve the right to redirect or curtail exchanges which become divisive, and to remove anything that could have legal consequences.
As we could be held responsible for the content of comments that appear on London Philharmonic Orchestra spaces, the actions and decisions of our moderators are final.