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The Studio Digital Partners 2019/20

Free, bespoke package of training and consultation on offer

The London Philharmonic Orchestra is seeking secondary educational organisations or collectives outside London to become our Studio Digital Partners for the 2019/20 academic year.

The LPO's online bank of resources – The Studio – hosts an array of material aimed at young people aged 14–19, designed to develop composition skills and support the main GCSE and A Level Music syllabuses.

As we develop The Studio further, we would like to work closely with select educational organisations (individual schools, hubs or cluster of schools/hubs/teachers/tutors) to support music teaching at secondary level, and commission new content together that is most relevant to and needed by young musicians aged 14–19 and their teachers.

What is included in The Studio Digital Partnership?

The Partnership will run through the academic year of 2019/20, and will be tailored to each participating organisation. The overall offer includes:

  • •  1 free teacher/tutor CPD session in your school/organisation* led by an experienced LPO animateur, presenting hands-on ways to use the resources on The Studio with your students
  • •  Your direct input into future commissions for The Studio, so you can generate material that you would find most useful in your teaching
  • •  The opportunity to showcase your students’ work via the LPO’s online platforms and potentially screened at live LPO events
  • •  Priority booking for LPO BrightSparks schools concerts, including the opportunity to meet one or more players from the Orchestra on the day
  • •  Public recognition of the partnership, on both the LPO's and the Digital Partners' websites, newsletters, social media or reports.  The activities covered in the CPD and on The Studio, and attendance at BrightSparks concerts could also be counted towards Arts Award, or support composing at exam level.

* dependent on your location and a minimum of 10 teachers attending

Apply or find out more

We have now closed recruitment for our Digital Partners for 19/20, but if you would like more information about getting involved in the future, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.