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• Cheryl Frances-Hoad
• David Arnold
• Howard Shore
• Brett Dean
• Ruth Chan
• Helen Grime
• Shirley J Thompson
• Mark Bowden
• Alex Harwood
• Vasco Hexel
• Simon Slater


This is the LPO Soundworks Studio, your online space to be inspired to create and share your own music. Hear from top industry professionals across a range of disciplines, explore our resources, and find out how you can get involved in LPO Soundworks projects.

At the London Philharmonic Orchestra, we thrive on cross-arts collaboration and new music. We spend half our year immersed in opera at Glyndebourne, and are also regularly in the studio recording film soundtracks - you'll have heard us on all the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. In 2017, we co-presented Ravi Shankar's Sukanya, which brought the Orchestra and singers together with Indian musicians and dancers and visual digital designers, which we recently revived again in 2020.

In the LPO Soundworks Studio, we go behind the scenes to hear from specialist composers working across a range of art forms, offer interactive ideas to inspire your own music, and host resources for music students and teachers exploring set works and composition for the classroom.

The Studio latest video:

Behind the scenes: recording a soundtrack to a video game
From the early bleeps and bloops of the 1980s to the symphonic soundworlds of today, video game music has developed hugely over the last 40 years thanks to advances in technology, and now orchestras form an essential part of this 21st-century genre. Last summer, the LPO recorded the soundtrack to a brand new video game, and we went behind the scenes to ask, what do composers think about when writing for video games? Is composing for video games the same as composing for film? And how does the recording process work? 

Behind the scenes: recording a video game soundtrack

We go behind the scenes at a London Philharmonic Orchestra recording session at Abbey Road, to find out about music for video games.




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