Hannah, Composer


LPO’s Young Composers combines all the elements and opportunities that are vital to building a career as a composer. I loved being in the 2012/13 cohort, and I’m still close to others who participated that year. I learnt a huge amount and gained an important set of skills.

It was incredibly beneficial to work with both the Orchestra’s members, and the LPO apprentice musicians – Foyle Future Firsts – which enabled me to gain the experiences of collaborating with more seasoned players, as well as forging relationships with peers; musicians I continue to work with, and will no-doubt do so throughout my career.

Being mentored by Julian Anderson, the LPO’s then Composer-in-Residence, was fantastic. It was invaluable to have had his influence at that crucial stage. I was not only supported, but also given the confidence to write the way I wanted. The whole experience was an excellent and essential foundation to my career.

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