Tennstedt on the LPO Label

Klaus Tennstedt albums on the London Philharmonic Orchestra Label

Tennstedt recordings

Klaus Tennstedt was the LPO's Principal Conductor from 1983 – 1987 (when he became the Orchestra's Conductor Laureate), and appeared regularly with the orchestra until his retirement in 1994.

During this period we made many studio recordings with Tennstedt of the German romantic repertoire, and also performed the same music in concerts. We have hunted down copies of the broadcasts of some of these concerts, remastered them, and released them on the LPO Label. We believe that these live recordings contain a heightened momentum and emotion compared to the studio recordings, giving you the chance to hear what a Tennstedt performance was really like. Tennstedt died in 1998.

Browse the LPO Label's Tennstedt recordings below, and follow the links for soundclips, reviews and to buy the CDs.

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