Staff Picks: Martin Franklin (Digital Projects Manager)

With so much brilliantly varied music planned for the rest of this season there's something for everyone, and to prove the point we've been asking some of the LPO's 'behind-the-scenes' staff to pick out what they're personally looking forward to most...

The role of our Digital Projects Manager Martin spans all things digital and media including management of the LPO website, producing video and audio material for our online channels, and brokering new partnerships for the LPO in the digital world: 

'I was immediately grabbed by the programme for 10 February, which features György Ligeti’s Atmosphères. My entry-point for Ligeti’s music was watching Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which the shimmering tone-wall of Atmosphères is used to represent the unfathomable intelligence behind the mysterious monolith. Premiered in 1961, Atmosphères seems to be the product of a new kind of immersive compositional ambition, one that doesn’t want its listener just to experience the music remotely, but to be right inside it. This makes a live performance a very different experience to even the best recording. In the Royal Festival Hall, the full complexity of the instrumentation and the sound reflections from the environment of the hall itself will bring the composer’s intention fully to life and Atmosphères will wrap around the audience, immersing us in its otherworldly moods.'

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