Dans le Métro – FUNharmonics sing-along

At our next FUNharmonics family concert, everyone in the audience will be invited to sing along to a special song, Dans le Métro, written by our presenter, Rachel Leach. It’s all about travelling on the Paris underground trains, passing through some of the city’s famous stations.

Some of the words are in French, so if you aren’t a native speaker you may want to have a sneak preview of the lyrics and tune (don’t worry if you don’t get the pronunciation exactly right!).

(Please note this song is slightly shorter than what we first published, we updated it on 20 April 2017)

Happy practising! 


Riding along dans le Métro (on the underground train)
Having un tas de plaisir (a pile of fun)
Hundreds of places and
Thousands of faces
Whizzing along souterrain (underground)

Under the Opéra and down to the Louvre
Up to Montmartre it’s too full to move
St Michel, St Denis
Which one is right?
Montparnasse, Père Lachaise (names of Paris cemeteries)
Never at night!

Under museums, the river and
Now the train is slowing to arrêt (stop)

Words and music copyright Rachel Leach 2017